A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Controller and Headphones vastly prefered!


Made by a group of 8 fourth-year Game Design student from The Netherlands, Sinc emulates a very retro game feel by giving you an old oscilloscope-ish television to play on.

Sinc plays a bit like like "Tiny Wings", but with a huge twist. You're not controlling the character, but the level itself! Use the Frequency and Phase of the Sinus Wave to launch your penguin in the air by making him land on the wave at the right angle. Try to collect as many planets and stars that are in the air, and avoid the mutant polar bears! Consecutively land at the right angle to gain massive speed an rack up your combo-multiplier to get even more points!

Install instructions

Unzip the zip-file and double click on the resulting .exe-file.


Final Build globalGameJam2017_Sinc.zip 30 MB
Sinc_Linux.rar 39 MB

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