Click here for the story intro movie and gameplay trailer

This game was made in 48 hours at the InnoGames Game Jam #10 in Hamburg this October. The team consisted of six Dutch Game Design and Development Students in their last year.


The Interdimensional Relationship Bureau is an organisation that specializes in fixing broken relationships across timelines.

See, when a relationship ends, the lives that were intertwined are broken apart. These intertwined lives can also be interpreted as a split in their shared timeline. This means that an intertwined timeline is split apart when a relationship is broken.

The case you are about to solve is one of those cases. You will be stationed in the same house, but can switch between different timelines. One where the man left the woman and one where the woman left the man.

Your task is to make them remember the good times together, by interpreting their thoughts and giving them the right item you collect from the opposite dimension's room.

Make their lives happy again by reuniting their timelines!


You need to talk to the people and interpret their compaints to find the corresponding item in the opposite timeline. Giving it to the couple will make them remember the actual good times they had and realise the mistake in their judgement.

The controls are as follows:

  • Move Mouse = Look around
  • WASD Keys = Walk around the room
  • Spacebar = Switch dimensions
  • Left Mouse Button = Talk to person, pick up item and put in inventory, give items to person
  • E Button = Take item from inventory slot
  • Right Mouse button = Cancel giving gift

The Team:

  • Julia van den berg - 2D art, intro art
  • Anneke Hogenbirk - 3D models
  • Simon Veninga - 3D models
  • Ramon Kok - textures, 3d models, game design
  • Vincent van Beek - Programming, Merge Master
  • Patrick Blaauw - Programming, Asset Associate

Install instructions

Although the browser version plays fine, the downloadable is for people who want to play it on their desktop, or while offline.It's also a little better looking.

Unzip the files in the RAR-archive, and make sure the folder and executable are in the same directory. Then just open the executable.


IRB BUILD 1.rar 79 MB


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